Control Cables

Anropa manufactures a range of control cables: Accelerator, Speedometer, Brake, Gear change, Clutch, Bonnet, Boot Transmission and Tailgate cables.

These cables are manufactured to standard or customer specifications.
We Manufacture for Heavy Duty Applications such as for Earthmoving Equipment, Trucks and Mining Machinery as well for passenger and light delivery vehicles, and motor cycles.
Control cables are flexible cables used to transmit mechanical force by the movement of an inner cable (most commonly of steel or stainless steel) relative to a hollow outer casing. The outer casing is generally made up of a helical steel wire, encased in a plastic outer sheath commonly made of PVC which is extruded onto the steel wire.

The linear movement of the inner cable is most often used to transmit a pulling force. They can exert a push/pull force where the application requires, such as Gear shift cables, and Throttle cables for heavy duty vehicles and machinery, marine applications or light aircraft . Usually provision is made for adjusting the cable tension using an alloy component such as a screw or barrel adjuster, which lengthens or shortens the cable outer casing relative to a fixed anchor point.

The “end fittings” of the inner cable vary and may either be a small shaped pieces of metal, such as  nipples, hooks, eyes or adjusters which fit into the applicable vehicle component. The force that these ends will be able to withstand is tested by subjecting each to a “pull test” which exerts a sudden and specific pull pressure onto each “end fitting”  at the same time.  Anropa tests each cable before it is deemed ready for sale.

Metal Ferrules are crimped onto each end of the outer to prevent cable ends from fraying.

Bowden cables can cease to function smoothly, particularly if water or contaminants get into the outer casing. Anropa insert liners in between the outer and inner casings (where application requires) and fits dust preventing grommets onto the inner to prevent dust and sand entering the outer casing. Where the outer casing is exposed to heat from the engine or manifold extra Heat Protective Material is affixed to the cable at the “hot spot”.

  • Accelerator Cables / Throttle
  • Brake Cables
  • Clutch Cables
  • Bonnet Cables
  • Gear Shift Cables / Transmission Shift
  • Tail Gate Cables
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