Accelerator Cables

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New Accelerator Cables added to range:

41-01 CHERY QQ3 2008-2011
35-68 DAIHATSU TERIOS 1.5 2007-ON
77-01 TATA INDICA, INDIGO 2004-2011
71-36A RENAULT KANGOO 1998-2009
75-98 HYUNDAI H100 1997-2007
75-54 HYUNDAI ATOS PRIME 2000-2004

Accelerator (throttle) cables – this control cable allows the driver to regulate the amount of power he produces when he depresses the accelerator pedal. In a carburated engine, the accelerator cable opens a valve in the carburetor  when the accelerator pedal is depressed. In the case of a fuel injected engine, the throttle valve is placed on the entrance of the intake manifold, or housed in the throttle body..

Usually the throttle valve is controlled with a throttle pedal or lever via an accelerator cable. All Anropa Accelerator cables are subjected to a pull test of 150kg during production process. This ensures that the mechanical parts do not pull the cable apart during normal operation of the vehicle. The ACCELERATOR cable is usually made with an inner core of 1.5 or 2mm.



Detach the old cable on the Engine side: Either at the side of the Carburettor or the Intake Manifold Valve.  Then from the Pedal , located near the bottom of the engine compartment on the driver’s side.

Insert the new cable at the pedal. Ensure that the outer casing held in the cable guide stops before you tighten the tension screw (if screw adjuster is used). The outer cable is kept in place at the firewall by a stopper on the cable. Only the inner cable extends through the firewall and into the pedal.

Run the cable up through the engine compartment. Use cable ties to keep the cable clear of any moving parts.

Insert outer into the cable stops attached to the carburettor.

Use pliers to pull the cable through the accelerator arm attachment on the carburettor. This cable needs to be taut as you attach the fittings.

Tighten the adjustment fitting while keeping the tension on the inner with a pair of pliers.



Throttle cables combined with Solenoid Speed Limiters, commonly used in Trucks and other Heavy Duty Vehicles are made according to customer specifications. These govern the speed of a vehicle so that when the maximum speed set for the vehicle is exceeded, the range of throttle opening is reduced to a predetermined value.